Poultry Wages Settlement
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A federal court has authorized this. It is not a solicitation from a lawyer.
Did you work in Poultry Processing between 2000 and 2021?
You Could Get Money from Settlements

If You Received a Notice You Can Update Your Information and Update Your Earnings.

If You Did Not Get a Notice by Email or Postcard You Can Participate Now.

Check to See if You Worked in a Covered Poultry Processing Place Between 2000 and 2021.



Important Dates

Participation Period Starts
Opt Out Deadline
October 23 2024
Objection Deadline
October 23 2024
Final Approval Hearing
December 16 2024
Participation Period Ends
January 31 2025

Read the Notice to see if you are a part of the lawsuit and
learn about the Settlements and your choices.


About The Case:
Jien v. Perdue Farms, No. 1:10-cv002521

This lawsuit says that some poultry companies talked to each other about
how much to pay their workers, which is against the law. So, these
companies paid workers less money than they should have.

A group of workers sued the companies that they said did this.

The people who sued, and the people like them, are called the “Plaintiffs.”
The poultry companies they sued are call the “Defendants.” The
Defendants say they did nothing wrong.

The Court has not decided who is right. Instead, both sides agreed to settle.

Important Things to Know

If you do nothing and you got a notice in the mail or by email, you will get money.
If you did not get a notice, you will need to fill out a Participation Form to ask for money.
Unless you opt out, you will stay a part of this lawsuit, and your rights will be affected.
Deciding What To Do

Ask to Participate Exclude
Can I receive money if I . . . NO YES YES NO
Will the Court’s decision in this lawsuit affect me if I . . . YES YES NO YES
Can I sue the Defendants myself for these claims if I . . . NO NO YES NO
  • Basic Information
  • The Settlements
  • How to Participate
  • Remaining in the Lawsuit
  • The Lawyers Representing You
  • Objecting to the Settlement
  • The Final Fairness Hearing
You Could Get Money from $217,250,000 in Settlements
If You Worked at a Poultry Plant, Poultry Feed Mill or Poultry Hatchery
from January 1, 2000 to July 20, 2021.
What Do I Do Next

RECEIVE PAYMENT: If you did not get a Notice by email or postcard, or are not sure, ask to Participate today.
DO NOTHING: Automatically be a part of the lawsuit.
OPT OUT: Get no money from the Settlements. But you can sue the Defendants on your own about the claims in this lawsuit.
OBJECT: Tell the Court why you don’t like the Settlements.